Don't Drive Aggressively (up to 33%)

Stopping and starting very quickly, constantly changing lanes and overall aggressive driving may appear to save you some time on your commute, but are costly to your overall gas mileage. At fast highway speeds, it can reduce your fuel econony by up to 33% and can contribute to premature wear on your brakes and tires.

Slow Down (up to 25%)

Speeding is a huge gas waster. At speeds above 60 mph, gas mileage decreases rapidly. Reducing your speed from 70 to 55 mph can save you an astounding 25% in fuel economy, so consider leaving a few minutes earlier to save some money.

Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control helps you save fuel in a couple of ways. It controls your maximum speed, so you can set your speed at your vehicle's most fuel efficient level. Also, it maintains a constant speed so you aren't pumping extra fuel into your engine to accelerate every time you push the gas pedal.

Remove Excess Weight (up to 4% per 100 lbs.)

If you like to keep heavy items in your backseat or trunk like golf clubs or a toolbox, you may want to reconsider. For every 100 lbs of extra weight you have in your vehicle, you reduce your gas mileage by 4%.

Save A/C for the Highway (up to 15%)

Your air conditioning makes your engine work harder, which can equate to as much as 10% to 15% reduction in fuel efficiency when out door temperatures climb above 80 degrees. For city driving or in heavy traffic, turn your A/C off and roll down your windows. At speeds of 50 mph or more, the drag created by your open windows will actually cost you more in fuel economy than the A/C, so feel free to turn the A/C on.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keep your tires properly inflated (up to 4%)
  • Keep your engine tuned (average of 4%)
  • If your oxygen sensor isn't working, replacing it can improve gas mileage by 40%
  • Use the right oil recommended by your manufacturer (up to 2%)
  • Don't forget the little things (up to 25%)

A Works Fuel Saver Package and other small maintenance items like wheel alignments, shock and strut inspections, and replacing fuel filters or spark plugs can all add up to fuel savings.

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