1. Make sure your battery is prepared. Take the time to ensure that your battery has any water that it needs and that the posts and connections are free from corrosion. Batteries that are 3 years or older should be taken to our service department to make sure that the battery can still hold a charge, so you can avoid having to find someone to help you jump your car during negative temperatures!
  2. Consider making an investment in snow tires. The tri-state area is notorious for its many hills, making traction even more difficult for your tires during the winter. Snow tires improve your traction during those icy and snowy months, and by using different tires during the winter, you are helping reduce the wear and tear of your all-season tires.
  3. Check your tire pressure. Tire pressure is very important in ensuring the best possible traction as you are driving, and when the weather gets colder your tire pressure is very likely to drop. In fact, you can expect to lose 1 pound per square inch whenever the temperature drops by 10 degrees! Make sure to check your owner's manual to get your tires' target pressure.
  4. Make every effort to ensure you can see. Windshield wiper blades usually are only effective for about a year, so you may want to consider changing to a new set so you aren't blinded during a winter storm. Make sure your windshield washer fluid is filled (water won't do the trick during the winter -- it will freeze). And lastly, verify that your heater and defroster are working correctly so that your windshield will be clear.
  5. Prepare an emergency kit. Keep these items in your trunk during the winter, especially if you are driving far from home:
    • a blanket
    • extra warm clothes, including boots and gloves
    • extra food and water
    • ice scraper and a small shovel
    • flashlight
    • flares
    • jumper cables
    • tool kit
    • tire chains
    • first-aid kit
    • paper towels
    • a bag of sand or salt

These items and our other tips will be very handy in our cold and icy winters to make sure your vehicle is ready and you are prepared for a winter emergency. If you need any help or have any questions getting prepared for winter, please call our service department at (563) 583-8825.

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